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Concept, create and produce a summer experiential campaign that would bring Coca-Cola’s new brand platform “Open Happiness” to life for 80,000 teenagers in New Zealand. The concept needed to deliver on the following objectives: Scale, high energy engagement over 4-5 hours, provides other channels (PR, digital, radio) a hook that enables massive talkability and WOM.


We had a short peak summer period to reach the nation, so hitting the right locations at the right time was essential. Copper selected these locations through in-depth research into the spots where the teenagers are to be found over summer, working closely with the local councils to ensure the beach communities were engaged in a positive way.

Copper also spent a considerable amount of time working with teenagers in a research group to develop up a programme that kids 14-19 years old would think was cool.  The goal was for it to be the best day of their summer, so what did that actually look like?

The result was four energy-filled Open Happiness zones that deliver fun, engaging and memorable activities to keep teens interested and engaged with the brand all day.  20 days of activation including Whangamata, Mount Maunganui, Gisborne, Nelson, Piha, Parachute Music Festival and Summerslamz.

The first of the energy-filled Open Happiness zone was the GAMES ZONE, which included a giant inflatable twister game, giant beach balls, water and bubble battles, volleyball, hoola hoops, Frisbee, and anything else that the Coke Brand Ambassadors came up with on the fly!

The MUSIC ZONE featured breaking NZ bands and acts and a well-known DJ becoming a place for teens to dance and enjoy summer beats. Through established relationships with the music industry Copper were able to secure the right live music to pull in the right demographic: Midnight Youth, Dane Rumble and Ivy Lies.  On stage, C4 star, Drew Neemia, was a hugely popular MC who resonated with teenagers.

A third SOCIALISING ZONE was created with giant Coca-Cola beach mats and beach umbrellas, it became the place for teenagers to chill out as well as become spectators to the now world-famous-from Whangamata to Nelson Zurf challenge! Copper negotiated with Zorb International to be the FIRST in the world, launching the Zurf on the Bands on the Beach tour.

The final zone was the Coca-Cola dome which was a 10×10 metre inflatable marquee with the Coca-Cola bar inside. A great place for people to enjoy a Coca-Cola and to indulge in a Disruptiv graffiti body art tattoo!


A great idea is only as good when people who know about it.  Copper worked closely with Coca-Cola’s media and PR agencies to drive teens to the events via a thorough and detailed media strategy plan.  This included a pre-summer build up through expert PR utilising the bands throughout the media.  Radio partner, The Edge, promoted the tour on air and we integrated The Edge ‘Beach Shack’ into each location where they broadcast live.


The tour was the biggest teen activation ever seen in New Zealand. Overall the Coca-Cola Bands on the Beach tour was a great success delivering ‘Open Happiness’ and creating an unforgettable summer experience for approximately 113,250 New Zealand teens over 14 days activation and seven nationwide locations. The average time spent in direct engagement with the Coca-Cola brand was 3.5 hours per person!

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