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Tip-Top wanted to build brand awareness of the new Fruju Sorbet range. They also wanted to stimulate trial of the product among the target demographic of young women aged 18-30. The experiential campaign was a component of a fully integrated campaign.


A Fruju Sorbet-branded water misting tent, the ‘Fruju Sorbet Revital-ICE Zone’ was prominently placed in a prime, highly-trafficked location between stages at Big Day Out 2009, and at Auckland beaches over summer, ensuring maximum awareness.

Uniformed Brand Ambassadors invited attendees in and provided product samples. Once in the tent, attendees cooled off with a fine misting of water, and enjoyed their product sample.


  • Approx. 8,000 visitors experienced the misting tent at BDO, and over 400 at Auckland beaches
  • Approx. 6,000 sampled the product
  • Due to locations the tent and brand were visible to practically all BDO and beach attendees – an exceptional result
  • BDO and beach attendees represented a diverse group, but the majority were within the targeted age group
  • Visitor feedback indicated the experience was fun, refreshing and energising
  • A high percentage of those who sampled product asked to purchase

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