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Joining EMANZ

Membership of EMANZ is open to all agencies who view experiential marketing as an important part of their business and who see benefits in raising the profile of experiential marketing within the marketing industry and broader business community. Members are required to pay an annual subscription (introductory offer $250 per annum) and agree to abide by the association’s rules, a full set of which can be found here.

To begin the joining process, please email to register your interest and we will send you the relevant documentation.

Member Benefits

  • Ongoing Development of the EMANZ industry website and commitment to frequently updated, relevant content for members.
  • Quarterly member event – guest speakers, industry drinks etc, i.e. a great chance to network
  • Council lobbying
  • Venue lobbying (e.g. Westfield, Progressive, Foodstuffs)
  • Quarterly email newsletters to members with content including local industry news, global insights, new case studies and important up and coming industry dates.
  • Press releases of industry news to drive awareness of the industry and its value.
  • Executive committee meetings every six weeks with minutes distributed to members
  • Sponsorship of relevant events, e.g. 2010 EFFIES, to raise awareness of the industry.
  • Identifying relevant and inspirational speakers and running industry seminars to further educate the marketplace, both Members and clients.
  • Ongoing development of the CAANZ/EMANZ graduate programme and AUT Communications School to increase knowledge and skills of this area of marketing communication and to provide Members with access to the Graduate Programme.
  • Close affiliation with CAANZ, which aids industry growth and voice in the wider communications industry
  • Undertaking research and debate on areas that will help further the understanding and use of Experiential e.g. measurement
  • Regular meetings with statutory bodies such as councils to ensure campaign and brand event delivery meets all legal requirement